Misutgaru is a healthy Asian food that originated in South Korea. This traditional recipe of gently roasting and grinding different types of grains has been passed down from generation to generation. It is mainly made of brown rice and beans, which makes it a high-protein, low-calorie food.

The traditional way to prepare it is just to take a mug and add 3 to 4 teaspoons of Misutgaru powder. Fill up a quarter of the mug with water or milk. Stir it well until all the powder is dissolved. Fill up the rest of the mug by adding warm or cold milk to the mixture and add honey to your taste.

You can add milk to your liking to create a thicker or thinner beverage. The traditional shake used to be rather watery, just like a regular cafe latte. However, if you feel hungry in the morning or need a more stable source of energy for the day it is also very tasty to make it denser as a smoothie.

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“Welcome to the world Misutgaru (미숫가루). “

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Dia Pilates

This is my choice of health and diet !! Today my lunch is Misugaru.

Dia Pilates

I drink misugaru hot and cold

I drink misugaru hot and with rice milk, or another kind of vegetable milk. I drink it at breakfast.


Misugaru is perfect for me

Misugaru is perfect for me before or after swimming!


The original Misutgaru helped me

The original Misutgaru helped me to leave my morning cofee!!


Awesome work drink

A good hot cacao misugaru late helps me to keep focus and gives me the energy to work harder


Un gran producto, para realizar

Un gran producto, para realizar postres (sustituto de la harina) galletas, pasteles , crumbel ….
Para desayunos es un gran alimento , con leche , con iogurt .
Complemento ideal para , niños , jovenes , adultos y por supuesto ancianos

Nuria Perez Aymami

Misugaru is my new healthy

Misugaru is my new healthy coffee. Highly recommended

Carla Rubiralta

It has a delicated

It has a delicated and special taste, good for the adults and children. Mixed with some sugar or honey it is perfect!

Roger Guitart

he provat amb llet vegetal

Pel meu gust no és prou dolç, però he provat amb llet vegetal i és perfecte per substituir un sopar. El preparo en un pot, un quart de litre de llet amb dues o tres cullerades i ho deixo bullir un minut sense parar de remenar, es torna espès i és deliciós.