About us

Jungmi is on a mission – an Organic Korean Natural Foods mission, that is. Her purpose is to offer natural foods directly to the world. As a new mother, she feels more compelled than ever to provide high-quality foods to young kids and family. Jungmi has a lot of experience teaching children in different countries, which inspired her desire to take action in the complex world of healthy foods. After many years of research in natural, organic and healthy foods, she decided to join efforts with a small team to start up the Organik Mill project.

Nowadays, it is not that easy to find healthy quick meals to help us move on with our busy lifestyle. Especially in the morning, it is hard to prepare an all-natural and nutritious food which provides enough nutrients and energy for the whole day.

There are many kinds of flavored beverages made with synthetic powders that are very common for fast and easy snacking. Jungmi never felt like these are natural enough – too processed and filled with synthetic ingredients. For Organik Mill, she has worked hard to find fresh, pure and high-quality natural grains which are simply steamed and roasted.  No B.S needs to be added because the traditional Korean wisdom keeps food fresh, naturally.

Our traditional Misutgaru recipe gives you a well-balanced nutritious meal. Like any other food cooked with love, Misutgaru smoothie is special and unique. It is an affordable and nutritious food for the whole family because it is a great source of energy to stay sharp throughout the day. Save time and money, and learn what thousands of people already know – the magic of Misutgaru!


Misugaru is perfect for me

Misugaru is perfect for me before or after swimming!


The original Misutgaru helped me

The original Misutgaru helped me to leave my morning cofee!!


I drink misugaru hot and cold

I drink misugaru hot and with rice milk, or another kind of vegetable milk. I drink it at breakfast.


It has a delicated

It has a delicated and special taste, good for the adults and children. Mixed with some sugar or honey it is perfect!

Roger Guitart

Dia Pilates

This is my choice of health and diet !! Today my lunch is Misugaru.

Dia Pilates

Misugaru is my new healthy

Misugaru is my new healthy coffee. Highly recommended

Carla Rubiralta

Awesome work drink

A good hot cacao misugaru late helps me to keep focus and gives me the energy to work harder


Un gran producto, para realizar

Un gran producto, para realizar postres (sustituto de la harina) galletas, pasteles , crumbel ….
Para desayunos es un gran alimento , con leche , con iogurt .
Complemento ideal para , niños , jovenes , adultos y por supuesto ancianos

Nuria Perez Aymami

he provat amb llet vegetal

Pel meu gust no és prou dolç, però he provat amb llet vegetal i és perfecte per substituir un sopar. El preparo en un pot, un quart de litre de llet amb dues o tres cullerades i ho deixo bullir un minut sense parar de remenar, es torna espès i és deliciós.




Jungmi An

Jungmi is the founder of this new adventure Organik Mill. The online shop features the finest organic and natural foods from local mills of her native country. She has known the benefits of traditional Korean health foods for a long time and wanted to share them with the rest of the world. She aims to provide customers with high-quality products, with full transparency about their sources, production, and preparation. Originally a language teacher, Jungmi is a new mom concerned about the difficulty to finding healthy organic products for the family. She is ready to solve the problem by helping other parents choose healthy foods for their whole family around the world.


Núria Pérez

Nuri is our featured chef at Organik Mill. Nuri and Paco are the owners of one of the topmost restaurants in Catalonia called "El 9 de la Borriana". In a small and cozy restaurant in the centre of Sabadell city, Nuri exploded all the skills that she learned from her grandmother. She has chosen all local and seasonal ingredients for her fine creations. Paco is advancing his career as a full master sommelier to complement the distinguished event of their guests.

Paco Querol

Nuri and Paco have been specializing in Asian cuisine for several years and introducing ingredients and ideas to their creations. Recently collaborating with Jungmi, Nuri was introduced Misutgaru and she was fascinated by the Korean traditional healthy food. She created MISUTGARU magic recipes such as MISUTELLA,  GALETE GRUMBLE and Misugaru Cookies. Núri's creativity has exploded with many other ideas using misugaru to make it even tastier and healthier.