Galette Crumble

Galette Crumble

Galette Crumble

This is a new recipe created by Núri Pérez, our featured chef at Organik Mill and the chef of a topmost restaurant called ‘El 9 de la Borriana’. Núri is a Catalan cuisine chef with more than a decade of dedication and love for cooking. She is producing fine master recipes for her guests and she has been studying and specialized in Asian cuisine for many years. Recently collaborating with Jungmi An, Núri was introduced to the Misutgaru, the magic ingredient to spark Núri’s creativity to a new level. The “Galetes Crumble” as she calls this new recipe is a simple but impressive application of her magic skills.

This recipe makes about 200g of crumbled cookie in about 25 minutes. The crumbled “galetes” are a wonderful companion for ice-creams, yogurts, Korean “Patbingsu” and many other similar desserts that usually go well with cookies.


  • 50g organic butter. Grass-fed butter is recommended.
  • 50g Misutgaru. Organic or Natural
  • 50g Unrefined natural sugar or honey.
  • 50g Ground almonds. Grind a bunch of good quality roasted Almonds.

The how-to is very simple. We just need to mix all the above ingredients with a blender machine for 20 seconds until we have a nice homogeneous paste. To make it easy to cut and toast in the oven we can use a simple professional trick. Spill the paste on a plastic film and make a roll. Then put the roll in the fridge for one hour. Once the paste gets hard enough, we can easily remove the plastic and cut it into slices. The slices should break into small pieces making the raw crumbled cookie form. Then we can add the broken crumbled cookie onto an oven tray to cook it for 20 minutes at about 160º C.

And that’s it! we hope you love it as much we do. Enjoy!!

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