Galetes cruixents

Galetes cruixents


Galetes cruixents

Nuri is our featured chef at Organik Mill. she keeps surprising us with more natural and healthy recipes using our natural original Misutgaru. This new recipe called “Galetes cruixents” makes around 15 super tasty crunchy cookies. These cookies are the perfect bite for kids and adults that want to enjoy life with healthier snacking options.


  • 25g Egg white, egg glaire
  • 25g Misutgaru
  • 25g Organic grass-fed butter
  • 25g Unrefined natural sugar or honey

Optionally for choco taste cookies, we can add 3g of organic cacao powder

Here again, we just need to combine all the above ingredients in a blender machine for about 20 seconds until we have a nice homogeneous paste. This time though we need to fill up a pastry bag so that we can distribute nice little balls of paste on top of a bakery release oven paper. Then we just need to gently flatten the balls up to a few millimetres high. Optionally you could give some shape to the cookies with a cute oven cookie mould. However, we like the random shape that results of flattening the paste balls with a small spatula.

Finally, we can put the tray of raw flattened cookies into the oven for about 20 minutes at about 160º. The cookies will come out of the oven with a nice brown colour or dark chocolate like colour if you added cacao to the mix. Then we just let them cool down a bit and release the tasty cookies gently from the paper.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

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