What is Misutgaru?


Misutgaru is a traditional healthy Korean drink. It is made of mixed grains that are steamed, roasted and ground. It is plentiful in nutrients and is easy to digest, which makes it a good alternative or complement to a regular meal. For thousands of years, it has been a staple for people of all ages in Korea. It also has a high protein content with a relatively low-calorie count, which is great for your health!

Misutgaru is prepared by steaming roasting beans, barley, brown rice, and normal rice. All the beans and grains are then ground into a powder. This powder is added to fresh milk and honey to make a delicious beverage.

In the old days, Misutgaru was so common that no Korean household would be without it. It has been served as a summer drink to quench thirst, a quick nutritious drink for breakfast or a healthy snack. It was also used as an important form of emergency food because it is long lasting and easy to store.

The traditional way to prepare it is just to take a mug and add 3 to 4 teaspoons of Misutgaru powder. Fill up a quarter of the mug with water or milk. Stir it well until all the powder is dissolved. Fill up the rest of the mug by adding warm or cold milk to the mixture and add honey to your taste.

You can add milk to your liking to create a thicker or thinner beverage. The traditional shake used to be rather watery, just like a regular cafe latte. However, if you feel hungry in the morning or need a more stable source of energy for the day it is also very tasty to make it denser as a smoothie.

You can also customize your beverage by adding flavoured honey, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, a shot of coffee or anything you imagine! I promise not to tell Grandma that you changed her recipe!

Try Misulatte with this simple recipe.

Misutgaru latte

November 8, 2017
: 1 person
: Super easy

Misutgaru with hot milk


  • 1. Misutgaru original or Cacao Misutgaru
  • 2. Cow milk, coconut milk or almond milk
  • 3. Honey or sugar
  • Step 1 First, heat the milk in a pot.
  • Step 2 Add two or three spoons of the Misutgaru of your taste in a cup.
  • Step 3 Add the warm milk and a little bit of honey if you like a sweet taste.
  • Step 4 Using a frother milk or spoon to stir it well and dissolve all the Misutgaru powder.
  • Step 5 And done! Enjoy your time with a nice warm Misutgaru late.