Misutella is Núri’s main Misutgaru recipe and very simple but awesomely tasty. The name Misutella was coined by the combination of two words: Misutgaru and Nutella. Nutella is a well-known branded sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. It has a great taste but it is not a healthy option for snacking as it has a lot of sugar in it.

Misutella instead comes as a much more healthier recipe to improve the taste and nutrients of Nutella. This recipe makes about 200g of spreadable chocolate paste. It can be easily done at home by just blending all the ingredients together. It’s an ideal homemade recipe which allows you to control the quality of its ingredients. We recommend that you use unrefined natural sugar. A good quality portion of fresh milk and the best organic cacao that could be sourced in the market. By adding our Original Misutgaru to the mix, the Misutella taste gains a substantial nice roasted flavour that brings cacao spread paste to a whole new level.


  • 30g Natural roasted Hazelnuts
  • 30g Misutgaru. Natural original Misutgaru
  • 30g Coconut oil
  • 24g Unrefined natural sugar
  • 60g Fresh natural whole milk
  • 30g Organic cacao

The proceeding is simple. Just mix and blend all ingredients in a blender. First, grind the hazelnuts for about 30 seconds until you get a well-made powder. Then gently add the other ingredients and let it blend for 20 or 30 seconds more until you get a nice homogeneous spreadable paste.

Misutella bread snack is the perfect companion for a cup of Misutgaru latte. Simply get the best bread you can, toast it a little bit and spread the Misutella on top. The tip is to enhance the taste by adding extra virgin olive oil on the bread. This is optional for olive oil lovers.

Yum!! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Enjoy your day.